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Martin Tansey Memorial Lecture 2014

Martin Tansey 2014 group pic

Her Hon. Judge Mary Ellen Ring, Her Hon. Judge Rosemary Horgan, President of the District Court, Maura Butler (ACJRD Chairperson), Professor Paul Senior and Vivian Geiran (Probation Service Director)

The 7th Annual Martin Tansey Memorial Lecture took place on Tuesday 29th April in the Criminal Courts of Justice, Parkgate Street, Dublin.

Prof Paul Senior, Director of the Hallam Centre for Community Justice at Sheffield Hallam University, delivered the lecture entitled Integrated Offender Management: pooling resources and expertise and creating effective working partnerships to an audience of professionals from the main Criminal Justice agencies, the Judiciary and Community groups.

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) evolved from a series of related practice experiments in England and Wales which brought together key partners – police, prison, probation, community safety partnerships and the voluntary sector – to find a more focused way to tackle persistent and prolific adult offenders. IOM survived a change of government and has continued to prosper though the jury is still out about how effective the model is at reducing re-offending. This talk will look briefly at the history of this initiative, drawing out and interrogating key elements in the operational and strategic structures, the extent of community involvement, consider issues of cost-effectiveness and the setting of a researchable agenda, and set this in the context of the co-production of services in both adult criminal justice service users and young people in transition to adulthood.

A copy of Professor Seniors lecture paper can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Martin Tansey Memorial Lecture 2014

A copy of Professor Seniors presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Prof. Paul Senior Martin Tansey Memorial Lecture - presentation

For information on Martin Tansey and previous Memorial Lectures please see the publications section on our website: https://www.acjrd.ie/research-2