ACJRD wants to facilitate the mentoring of future criminal practitioners and criminologists by linking members with other members with a particular expertise that s/he is willing to share. This type of exchange will have the potential to advance understanding and research interests and career paths for the mentee and create a facility for mentors to hand the baton of institutional knowledge and expertise by those who have valuably contributed in their fields of work within the Criminal Justice System.

The empowerment of mentoring is well documented (insert a useful link/links to research). Typically, mentees gain life-changing insights and mentors also gain through their altruism and often gain insights that favour positive self-reflection in their own careers.

Training seminars for both mentors and mentees will be convened.

This is a new and evolving project where ACJRD will survey its members to

  • conduct a needs assessment for mentees and to garner commitments from members willing to mentor who will outline their skill sets .
  • process a 'matching' system that will then be implemented,
  • present mentee and mentor with an agreement for signature by both parties, to define expectations and boundaries.
  • determine the number of mentee-driven meetings between mentee and mentor

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our mentoring programme. 

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