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2013 Parole In Ireland - The Way Forward

Parole Conference speakers

‘Parole in Ireland – the Way Forward: Experiences from other Jurisdictions’                                                   This conference organised by the Parole Board, with the assistance of the ACJRD, took place on Friday 25th October in the Law Society of Ireland.Speakers pictured from left to right: John Watt, John Costello (Chairperson, Irish Parole Board), Michael Lynn BL, Alan Shatter TD, Christine Glenn, The Hon. Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan, Tapio Lappi-Seppala and Ralph Serin.

Conference presentations were delivered by the following speakers                                                                        (please click on speaker names to download a copy of their presentations):

·         Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice and Defence

·         Christine GlennChief Commissioner, Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland.  Christine has also              made the following Step-by-step guides available (please click on document titles to download):

         Guide for Determinate Custodial Sentences prisoners on the panel process following recall to prison

          Guide for Determinate Custodial Sentenced prisoners who have been recalled to prison

          Guide for prisoners serving a Life or Indeterminate Custodial Sentence

          Guide for prisoners serving an Extended Custodial Sentence

·         John Watt, Chairperson, Parole Board for Scotland.  John has also made the following handout                           available: Parole Change Diagram 

·         Tapio Lappi-SeppalaDirector, National Research Institute for Legal Policy, Helsinki, Finland

·         Ralph SerinAssociate Professor, Department of Psychology, Carleton University Ottawa, Canada

·         Michael Lynn BL

The Hon. Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan acted as Conference Chairperson.

Thanks to our speakers, conference chairperson and all in attendance who contributed to the success of this event.

Parole Conference 25.10.13

John Costello (Chairperson, Irish Parole Board) with Minister Alan Shatter TD and Conference Chairperson The Hon. Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan.

Parole Conference 25.10.13

John Costello, James McCourt (Law Society President), Michael Lynn BL and The Hon. Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan.