23rd ACJRD Annual Conference, Privacy and Personal Space: The Challenges of Technology in Justice”

We all enjoy a constitutional right to privacy, we all enjoy private spaces, and for those of us embracing social media, sometimes those lines get blurred.  We treasure due process in our criminal justice system where everyone is innocent until proven guilty and where nobody’s trial is prejudiced.  We also treasure the constitutional rights to freedom of speech.  Again, sometimes the lines between due process and freedom of speech become blurred.  

Has the pendulum swung too far as we sacrifice some of our privacy, some of our personal space and some of our constitutional rights?  

In the 23rd ACJRD Annual Conference, “Privacy and Personal Space: The Challenges of Technology in Justice”, which was held online on 11th December, 2020, plenary speakers and workshop presenters explored these principles and rights. 

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A Conference Report will be published in due course, in the meantime copies of speakers PowerPoint presentations can be viewed by clicking on the presentation titles below: