ACJRD Juvenile Justice Seminar

The ACJRD were delighted to present this online Juvenile Justice seminar on 20 March 2024, along with Dr Siobhán Buckley, Ulster University School of Law, and Caroline Rutherford and Michelle Kennedy of Extern. A recording of the seminar available to ACJRD members only is available to view here. Presentations are available to download here, and a report will be available shortly. 


The Dynamics of Desistance: Translating Theory to Practice, UCD

Co-hosted by UCD's Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice and the Irish Association for Social Inclusion Opportunities, UCD Sutherland School of Law Belfield, 24 May, 10am-5pm.

This event marks the fifteenth anniversary of the publication of the Dynamics of Desistance: Charting Pathways Through Change (Healy, 2009), the first study of its kind to explore processes of desistance in Ireland. Knowledge about desistance in Ireland has grown rapidly in the intervening years, with scholars producing rich theoretical and empirical insights into different aspects of the desistance process. At the same time, policymakers and practitioners have been developing innovative desistance-informed rehabilitation practices. This event aims to bring together leading stakeholders to share academic, professional and personal understandings of the desistance process, reflect on the current state of knowledge about desistance, and build on previous efforts to develop a policy and practice guide for translating desistance theory to practice. For further detail click here.


Watch The Irish Times video: What I Do: 'My family and friends think I'm cracked'

Jessie Flood is the probation officer for the homeless team in Dublin where she sees how the housing crisis impacts clients' lives. Click here to watch the video


Longest serving probation officer: 'Nail 'em, jail 'em policies will not solve repeat offending', The Journal interview with Gerry McNally

Gerry McNally has spent 45 years at the coal face of the Irish Probation Service starting back in 1978... “CAPTURE ‘EM, NAIL ‘EM, jail em” will not solve the problem of repeat offenders but including them in the community can positively move people away from a life of crime, Ireland’s most experienced Probation Service officer has said. Click here to read the interview with Gerry McNally in The Journal.


Listen: Rachel Lillis on RTE Radio 1 speaks with Oliver Callan about the Probation Service and Restorative Justice

Rachel Lillis, the National Lead for the Restorative Justice and Victims Services Unit at the Probation Service, talks with Oliver Callan about the work of the Probation Service and Restorative Justice. Click here to listen to the interview.


'Replacing the Offences Against the State Acts: Shaking the Security Mindset'

The Irish Criminal Law Journal (2024 34(1)) has published an article entitled 'Replacing the Offences Against the State Acts: Shaking the Security Mindset' by Prof. Claire Hamilton, Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology. This is available in print and online at


An Evaluation of the Provision of Psychiatric Care within the Irish Prison System

This inspection was carried out in February and March 2023, by a team including two international experts in forensic psychiatry. The provision of care was assessed in seven of the thirteen prisons in the State, and many of the Inspectorate’s recommendations refer to systemic issues arising across the prison estate. Click here to view the website where an action plan and summary report are available, click here to download the full report, or here to view the infographic.


The reasons why applicants are still required to disclose criminal records are not always clear

Charlotte Brooks presents research on the complex landscape of university admissions policies for those with criminal records - Higher education policies for applicants with criminal records in the United Kingdom: Are universities ‘banning the box’? Charlotte Brooks is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Nottingham. To read the blog, click here.


Adolescent Addiction Service Report 2024

This report, prepared by Denis Murray, covers the work of the Adolescent Addition Service. Click here to download the report




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