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2006 Conference Report: Re-integration of offenders

2006 Conference Report: Re-integration of offenders

The Report includes the following plenary papers

Opening Address
Martin Tansey, Chairperson, ACJRD

Prisoner Reintegration - Challenges and Opportunities
Mr Brian Purcell, Director, Irish Prison Service

Keywords: Prison; Reintegration; Prisoners; Crime; IPS

How Far is the Treatment of Offenders led by Public Opinion?
Mr. Gordon Holmes, Chairperson, Parole Board

Keywords: Offenders; Public opinion; Policy; Crime

A Chance to Change – A Probation Approach to Effective Offender Integration
Mr. Michael Donnellan, Director, Probation Service

Keywords: Probation; Crime; Offenders; Integration; Ireland

Life After Prison – The Reality of Reintegration
Ms. Lisa Cuthbert, Director, PACE

Keywords: Reintegration; Prison; Offenders; Prisoners; Offences

“Saying Sorry” or “Making Things Right”: From Passive to Active Responsibility in Work with Young Offenders
Dr. Shadd Maruna, Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Queen’s University Belfast

Keywords: Youth; Young Offenders; Crime; Desistance