Working Groups

ACJRD Working Groups

The ACJRD working groups are the vehicle through which ACJRD members can input into the activities of the association.

The groups utilize members' knowledge and expertise in respect of each topic and promote discussion and debate within each working group and the interesting seminars / lectures and workshops they organise. We also hope to develop areas in which to initiate research projects from within each of the working groups.

The ACJRD working groups currently established include:

  • Addiction
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Reintegration
  • Restorative Justice
  • White Collar Crime

Each of the groups is chaired by one of our respected Council members. Because of individuals' various locations; much of the communication takes place by email.

If you are interested in joining one of the groups please complete the Working Group Application Form or contact the ACJRD Manager Tel. 617 4864. 

We value your ideas and expertise and would appreciate any contribution you can lend to the groups.

White Collar Crime Seminar - 30 March 2011

The ACJRD in conjunction with the IWLA (Irish Women’s Lawyers Association) held a joint seminar on White Collar Crime at the Green Hall, Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place on Wednesday 30th March. For further information click here Read more

Reintegration Working Group Seminar - Reintegration of Prisoners in Ireland - 13 July 2010

This seminar was presented by Agnieszka Martynowicz of the Irish Penal Reform Trust. For more infomation go to Read more

Mental Health Seminar - 17 November 2010

The ACJRD held the seminar: The Issues of Mental Health in the Irish Criminal Justice System on Wednesday 17th November at the Law Society of Ireland. For more information, click here Read more

Education Seminar - 5 October 2010

The ACJRD held the seminar: Education on the inside - a view of the educational process in Irish Detention Schools and Prisons on Tuesday 5th October at the Law Society of Ireland. Please see for further details. Read more

Addiction Seminar - 23 September 2010

The ACJRD held a seminar on Addiction presented by Fiona Ryan, Director of Alcohol Action Ireland on Thursday September 23rd. For more information and a full event report go to Read more

White Collar Crime Working Group Seminar - White Collar Crime and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation - 20 April 2010

The seminar was given by Chief Superintendent Eugene Corcoran, of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation and his colleague Detective Sergeant Michael Gubbins attached to the Computer Crime Unit within the Bureau of Fraud Investigation. For more information go to Read more

Restorative Justice Working Group Seminar - National Commission on Restorative Justice Final Report - 13 April 2010

This seminar was led by Brian Fitzpatrick, former Director of the National Commission on Restorative Justice. For more information go to Read more

A Vision for Change Mental Health Policy

A Vision for Change is the Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy. Read more