Restorative Justice Working Group

The Restorative Justice Working Group was established in 2009. Members of this group draw on their experience working in government agencies, community groups and academia.

See below for recent news in relation to the group's activities and restorative justice developments.

If you would like to join the Restorative Justice Working Group please complete the Working Groups Application or contact the ACJRD manager Tel. 01 617 4864.

ACJRD Networking and Restorative Justice Event, 12th December 2016

The ACJRD Networking Event featuring Dr Kieran O'Dwyer giving 'A critial overview of Restorative Justice in Ireland today' took place on December 12th. Read more

Restorative Justice Articles - Members' suggested reading August 2013

You may be interested in the following articles on restorative Justice which were forwarded by members. Benedict XVI: Rehabilitation of Prisoners is the culminating feature of Penal Systems and Restorative Justice - Lawrence Kershen QC. The Social Healing Project Report Read more

Varied Applications of Restorative Practice 21st January 2013

The ACJRD and  ACJRD Restorative Justice Working Group held the seminar  'Varied Applications of Restorative Practice'  at 5.30pm on Monday 21 st  January 2013.  Dr Donna Hicks , Associate at the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, Harvard University, gave the presentation:  Conflict and Dignity - the Lessons for Restorative Justice… Read more

Restorative Justice Seminar 21st November 2012

The ACJRD held the seminar “An update on the Probation Service Restorative Justice Projects” on Wednesday 21st November Read more

Restorative Justice Commission, Final Report Seminar 13th April 2010

The ACJRD and the Restorative Justice working group, held a seminar on the recently released National Commission on Restorative Justice final report with Brian Fitzpatrick, former Director of the National Commission on Restorative Justice. Read more