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"Building Community Resilience" Seminar

Online Event - Thursday, 23rd July, 2020

This event featured a presentation by Dr. Johnny Connolly, from the Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies,  University of Limerick, on his recent research and connected strategy ‘Building Community Resilience’ https://www.ul.ie/news-centre/news/ground-breaking-ul-research-focuses-tackling-anti-social-behaviour-dublin-south

ACJRD are very obliged to The University of Limerick (UL) for kindly hosting this event on their Law School's Law Department YouTube Channel.

To download a copy of Dr Connolly's presentation please click here

To view the video of Dr Connolly's presentation on the UL School of Law You Tube Channel please click here

The Building Community Resilience research identifies the nature and reach of key criminal networks within Dublin South Central and documents the intimidation, stress and fear that pockets of communities living in the areas most connected to the networks are experiencing.

While the report finds that only a relatively small number of people (estimated at under 2% between the ages of 12 and 40) are involved in criminal and anti-social behaviour, their actions are having a continuing corrosive and damaging impact on a far greater number.

The ground-breaking research forms the evidential basis for a new strategy, of the same name, which completely re-thinks and upends more conventional responses to criminal and anti-social behaviour. It prioritises the needs and concerns of the communities and families silenced by the anti-social behaviour, in addition to continuing to focus on the criminality. The new research and strategy was commissioned by the four local policing forums (4Forums) across Dublin South Central.

It can also be applied to other areas across the city and country dealing with similar challenges.