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Pathways Through Treatment - Responding to Findings - 30th May 2016

An ACJRD and ACJRD Addiction Working Group seminar on  "Pathways Through Treatment" - Responding to Findings took place on Monday, 30th May, 2016.  This seminar was presented by Coolmine Therapeutic Community.

Coolmine Therapeutic Community and Trinity College Dublin co-authored the recently published longitudinal study "Pathways Through Treatment".  This seminar discussed the findings of the report and the response to those findings.   For further information and a copy of the report see: www.coolmine.ie


Anita Harris, Researcher/Project Worker and Co-Author of the CTC/TCD longitudinal study “Pathways Through Treatment”

Peter Moylan, Outreach Worker and Co-Facilitator of the ‘Choice and Challenge’ (offending behaviour) programme in Coolmine Lodge.

Treacy Cagney, Outreach and Clinical Nurse Manager 

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