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"Effects of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs on Mental Health" - 10th April 2014

The ACJRD Addiction and Mental Health Working Groups held the seminar: "Effects of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs on Mental Health" on Thursday 10th April. This event was hosted by the Probation Services in their offices in Smithfield.

The seminar featured the following presentations, click on the speaker names to download a copy of their presentations: 

"Illicit Drugs and Mental Health" Dr Des Corrigan, consultant to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction (EMCDDA), former lecturer in Pharmacology, Trinity College, and former chair of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs.

"Adolescent Substance Use and Mental Heath" Dr Bobby Smyth, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin and a member of the National Advisory Committee on Drugs & Alcohol. 

The handbook for those working with young people noted by Dr Smyth can be accessed via the UK publisher at  http://www.radcliffehealth.com/shop/adolescents-and-substance-use-handbook-professionals-working-young-people. Purchasers can obtain an author discount, if they enter the code AUTHORBC14.

"Evidence of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs on the Young People in Oberstown" Miriam Finnegan, Addiction Counsellor, Assessment, Consultation and Therapy Service (ACTS), Child & Family Agency (TUSLA)

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